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SolarHome – Mobile Floating Architecture

Residential / Small
SolarHome – Mobile Floating Architecture

Location:  The Lusatian Lakelands

Size:  75m²

Designed: 2008

Performance:  Zero Carbon (ZED)

Award: Widely Acclaimed / Published

The Lusatian Lakelands is an area of lake water formed by disused mine pits located to the south of the Federal State of Brandenburg in North East Germany. The area covers approximately 7000 ha with ten lakes and more than thirteen navigable canals.


The concept for the Mobile Floating Architecture competition is an organic formed mobile floating piece of architecture which sits in harmony with its natural surrounding landscape(s). The concept is intended to function in a similar way to a camper van but on water which can either remain in one location or travel around within a given infrastructure. It is intended as energy efficient solution which utilises solar energy to either provide energy for or power to, a houseboat.


The design solution for this project is an autonomous housing prototype called SolarHome. The mobile dwelling has been designed to function in two modes, Docked and Self Sufficient. The Docked mode would require an element of infrastructure to be provided adjacent to or in the lakes to service the SolarHomes. It is envisaged that this would include a mains electricity, water and a foul water collection/treatment facility. The Self Sufficient mode would allow SolarHome to exist for a term of between 6 to 12 months independent of mains connected services.