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School of St Helens & St Katherine

Education / Large
School of St Helens & St Katherine

Location: Abingdon, Oxford, UK

Contract Value: £3,200,000

Completed: 2003

Contractor: Benfield & Loxley Ltd

Consultant: Whitby Bird, Bath


The School of St Helen & St Katharine is an independent day school for girls aged 9 to 18, in Abingdon, Oxford. Mark Kingsley was the Project Architect at NVB Architects responsible for delivering this complex Reception Foyer and Performing Arts Centre.

A new Reception Foyer has been inserted between the period vernacular school and the YPH theatre building on the edge of a central courtyard. The Performing Arts Centre which is linked by the YPH and Foyer contains a number of music practice rooms, a Dance

Studio and a state of the art 120 seat Studio Theatre. The architecture is a modern reflection of the highly crafted period buildings on the campus. The insertion has high levels of natural daylight,  thermal efficiency and natural ventilation throughout.